Long Term Guardianship

We screen potential adoptive families and the facilities available for the horse(s).
This process also allows us the opportunity to provide those people who are committed to our mission with a wonderful companion to love and cherish.
If you are truly committed to providing a rescued horse(s)
a safe, loving home.
We have every confidence that you will be
a long-term ally in our fight to stop equine abuse and neglect.


We spend plenty of time talking with the adopters as well as watching them interact with our horses. It is vital to make a great match that will stand the test of time.
When there is question in a potential adoptive family’s knowledge, it does NOT result in automatic disqualification. There is nothing wrong with providing education to a new family.
For both the horse and humans safety several questions will be asked about the type of riding the family plans to do also for both the horse and humans safety, new families may be checked for their knowledge of horses, including riding, basic health care knowledge, basic training, training philosophy that is compatible with ours. Doing this we can help educate when we can.
This way we can help when needed to assure all horses to be placed into a forever home that will provide proper loving care.

It is very important to understand that horses and other equine
that have survived the abuse and neglect
that brought them into our program,
may never be free of the physical or psychological trauma they were forced to endure.

Thankfully, that is not usually the case,
but as in most aspects of life,
there are no guarantees.

The process of attempting to match people and horse(s) successfully takes quality time.
It just as important and insuring that your facility is safe
and free of hazards for long term placement.
Opinions may differ, but we place emphasis on having the horse’s home
provide lots of room to play and move.

We prefer a facility with a proper shelter and lots of room,
than to one with a fancy stall and limited turnout time. 
When all of these components come together,
we are well on the way
to a everlasting relationship and new home.

Iron Gait Percherons, Inc.
Long Term and Short Term Guardianship Procedures

  1. Read and fill out Long Term or Short Term Guardianship form.
  2. Mail the completed form to IGP, Inc.  All paperwork must be completed.
  3. Meet with a representative from the rescue to discuss your needs and desires to have guardianship over a rescued horse(s).
  4. The boarding facility that you select or your own farm must meet IGP, Inc. guidelines and will be visited by a rescue representative.
  5. Once you have been matched with an appropriate horse(s) and your boarding facility or your own farm has been approved by IGP, Inc., transportation may then be arranged for your horse(s) to be moved to their new location.
  6. After completion of the above procedures guardians make a donation to help defray the veterinary, farrier, and feed costs incurred with rescuing the horse(s) you have selected as well as the cost of future equine.  Donations usually range between $100 – $1,000 or at times the donors give more; 100% of funds are used for the benefit of the rescue process.

**There will be NO holding of horses until Guardian is approved. It is the best option to be pre-qualified for placement so that you do not miss out on a horse that interests you. Prior to the application, you must read and initial and return IGP Foster Requirement form.(by email or mail)

**There is a one time $25.00 Application Fee, which includes a period of one year. This is to be returned with the completed Requirement Form.
Applications will then be emailed to you to fill out. You can return them either email or send to our main office by mail. Application Fees may be paid online using Our web page, PayPal or a check or money order via mail.

**There will be a $50 returned check fee for all returned checks. In cases of returned checks for NSF, the Foster Agreement will be canceled immediately.

**Guardians will have the option to be notified by email, mail, or phone when their Foster Application has been processed.  If you have not heard back from Iron Gait Staff Member after 10 business days of ALL information being submitted, please Contact Us for more details.