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Iron Gait Percherons-Draft Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

Is now LIVE!

From many of you, we have received tens of thousands compliments on our photo’s of the horses and around the farm also on the video’s that we share. Thank you very much for all of the amazing support in the good times and the rough times.

All of us here at IGP wanted to pay you back with gratitude, so we decided to accept an invitation from Wayne from to set up various cameras around the Sanctuary Farm for everyone to enjoy seeing the Horses LIVE no matter where you may live.

You will be able to zoom in on your favorite to see them even closer. Watch the weather traveling across the farm, may it be good or bad. This can be a treasured experience for us all and unite us as a closer family, as well as being educational to a few.

We would like to Welcome all of our Amazing Supporters from far and wide across the world to view our Sanctuaries while they are relaxing in their pastures. Additional cameras will be added around the farm in the very near future.
You will not be disappointed , if you really love to watch the big guys playing in their element.
This will be a exciting new adventure for us all.

* We are still working out some bugs so please bear with us.
* We will be adding even more cameras around the farm in the very near future…

  Stay tuned!


Camera 1 – Pasture 4 (Left) and Pasture 3 (Right)

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Camera 2 -Pasture 3 (Left) and Pasture 2 (Right)

Camera 3 – Pastures 3 (Left) and Pasture 2 (Right)

Camera 4 – Pasture 2 (Left) and Pasture 1 (Right)

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How to view Iron Gait

This live stream is for business promotional use only.
Except for the live demo’s provider, no one should make any clips or recordings of the live stream or use this live stream for any other purpose.

How to view Iron Gait